Coraliotech’s B2B activity aims to produce, evaluate and valorise products from coral organisms using a technological approach which preserves natural ecosystems. Our molecules are meant to supply pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotech markets.


Image Production

Our production processes enable to get high purified and certified products.

Coral DNA sequences supplied by our scientific partners are designed through a genetic engineering approach to allow raw material’s manufacture which are essential for molecules production processes.

Our expertise in biotechnology and bioprocess fields enables the production of coral molecules of interest at R&D and pilot (preindustrial) scales by using entirely automated and controlled systems (bioreactors).

Coraliotech also uses robust product purification processes enabling optimal high yields, and guarantees high degree of purity.

All of our products are submitted to rigorous Quality Control assuring certified batch release.

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Image Fond Laboratoire

Coral molecules evaluation enables identification of non-toxic products with innovative properties.

Our product selection is based on its innocuousness and innovative properties to meet the needs of pharmaceutical, cosmetic or biotech markets.

Coral molecules are previously assessed on the basis of potential tissue or cell toxicity allowing the selection of safe products without adverse effects.

Coraliotech aims for the selection of coral molecules which meet the pharmaceutical industry’s expectations, particularly in the fields of cancerology, biocides, antivirals, tissue regeneration, …

Coraliotech’s products are also intended for cosmetic market through potential dermatological properties as skin protection, regeneration and/or moisturising.

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Image Fond Corail

The innovative properties of our coral molecules are protected by patents.

The selection of innovative molecules from our evaluation reports are submitted to intellectual property protection, particularly through patenting.

Licensing is traded with customers interested in the commercial exploitation of our coral products for their own applications.

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Coraliotech currently proposes two complementary offers to customers :

Product Delivery

According to several customers’ specifications, Coraliotech offers the possibility to assess its products through the sale of samples.


Through its patent portfolios, Coraliotech provides licences to customers interested in commercialisation of its innovative products.

Manufacturing (Upon Evaluation)

Coraliotech is currently evaluating the possibility to develop industrial scale up of productions.