Coraliotech offers products from protein’s family and its derivatives, the peptides. According to their own physico-chemical characteristics, our ingredients can be provided in soluble or lyophilised forms.

Proteins are biological macromolecules produced by all living cells. They are formed by a succession of simple components, the amino acids. Depending on the size of amino acid chains, they are referred to peptides (oligo- or polypeptides) or proteins. This family of molecules is produced by the expression of genes located into DNA.

Peptides and proteins play diverse roles in living organisms through their structure. They carry transport, defence, regulation, structural or signalisation functions but also handle enzymatic roles (transformation of substrates into specific products).

The Coraliotech technology also provides high purified proteins (> 90% of purity), distinguishing these from the so-called natural extracts.

Corals are marine organisms still under-studied and remain a potential source of large amount of active substances. They also contain a wide genetic diversity which is likely to provide a group of proteins with unexpected innovative properties.  In this context, our products are generated from the expression of coral genes identified and provided by our scientific partners.

Among them, researchers of the Centre Scientifique de Monaco (CSM) are particularly interested in the identification of structures and functions of proteins derived from coral genes. Through its technology, Coraliotech provides amounts of proteins required for their fundamental investigations.

Innovative coral proteins produced by Coraliotech are meant to enhance the drug pipeline of pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. 


Pharmaceutic Application

Pharmaceutical applications may relate to the fields of cancerology, biocides, antivirals, but also regenerative medicine.

Cosmetic Application

Cosmetic applications concern a wide range of interesting properties in the field of dermatology such as skin protection, regeneration and moisturising.


Coraliotech relies on two main areas of expertise: a savoir-faire in genetic engineering and strong competences in the fields of biotechnologies and bioprocesses. We also opt for a technology having four major advantages: an ecological process, the industrial scale up capability, a relatively clean method and secure procedures. The combination of these technological features contributes to reliable, reproducible and efficient production yields.



Starting from entirely dematerialised genetic sequences, our processes do not require at any step the exploitation of the coral. Thus, our activity allows for preservation of natural ecosystems.

Scale Up


Our technology enables to produce up to industrial scales based on the use of equipment like bioreactor systems.



Our production technology generates very few waste, both from qualitative and quantitative points of view.



The Coraliotech technology uses automated and controlled conditions making it secured for both laboratory operators and their immediate environment.

Our scientific partners (CSM) supply us coral genetic sequences. These ones originate from species artificially kept and cultured in aquariums under controlled physico-chemical parameters. This dematerialised genetic information is used by Coraliotech to express proteins of interest. Artificial biological systems are used to perform such protein expression.


Image Sequence ADN
Aquarium CSM

Coraliotech exploits these cell culture systems to obtain products identical to natural molecules and to reach optimal yields.

A unique purification process is elaborated and optimised for each molecule to get final product of high quality. This requires implementation of several distinct but complementary methods using successively clarification, concentration, purification and polishing steps.

The result of these processes are subject to rigorous quality control allowing to insure qualitative and quantitative aspects required for certification and final product release.