The CSM Physiology and Biochemistry team, led by Dr. Sylvie Tambutté, has for many years been interested in proteins with diverse roles, particularly in coral growth and biomineralization processes. The study of the functions and the structure of these molecules is of fundamental importance to understand all these biological characteristics. To carry out these investigations, large quantities of proteins are needed, coupled with a high level of purity. After a successful Research & Development phase, this technological challenge is about to be tackled by the Coraliotech team, which has just acquired a high-performance bioreactor system that allows for both scaling up production and a significant increase in yields. Coraliotech wishes to be able to quickly deliver the quantities of coral proteins needed for ongoing scientific studies. This win-win partnership should be able to continue in the future with many other proteins from genomic research undertaken at the CSM. For its part, Coraliotech should continue to innovate and develop new molecules of interest for human well-being and health, thus further revealing the unlimited potential of the fascinating world of coral ecosystems.

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