MonacoTech has set up a FabLAB, a laboratory designed to meet the needs of its startups and enable them to develop.
Back to this laboratory !

Lionel Galfré, manager of MonacoTech : “This is a laboratory for exchanging know-how, sharing knowledge and enabling startups to innovate, create, test and develop their products in order to access the market and sell their solutions.”

Rachid Benchaouir, CEO and founder of Coraliotech : “This laboratory will be used to manufacture the coral molecules on which we are working and in particular all the raw material that will allow us to develop these molecules on a larger scale for commercialization. We will develop in this laboratory a prototype that will allow us to improve our production system. This work is done in direct collaboration with the company Surgisafe, which will help us, on the electromechanical part, to develop a machine that will be useful to us but will also have a positive impact on their project.”

You can find below the entire interview in French.