June 20, 2023, marked an important moment for budding young entrepreneurs with the “Graine d’Entrepreneur 2023” event, organized by the François d’Assise-Nicolas Barré (FANB) Monégasque Institution. Rachid Benchaouir, the manager of Coraliotech, participated in this event as a mentor, guiding and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The event aimed to mentor 5th-grade middle school students in developing an entrepreneurial project in the field of event planning. With a Business Canvas in hand, young Mila, Summer, and Emilie brainstormed their project, culminating in the idea of organizing a Monegasque cultural event. Their concept, combining body expression workshops and artistic activities such as drawing and music, was titled “CULTURAL INITIATION UNFILTERED”.

Rachid Benchaouir was impressed and moved by the seriousness, enthusiasm, and originality of the ideas presented by these young creative minds. Their ability to develop a complete concept and understand the work required to realize an entrepreneurial project was remarkable.

This event was not only a learning platform for the young participants but also illustrated the importance of mentorship and support in developing entrepreneurial skills from a young age.