On March 9, 2023, Télé Monaco Magazine published a fascinating article titled “Doctor Rachid Benchaouir, Marine Biology at the Service of Beauty.” We warmly invite you to discover this publication featuring our director on Télé Monaco Magazine.

In this article, Dr. Benchaouir sheds light on the significant advancements made by his team and the SCIENTIFIC CENTRE OF MONACO in understanding coral ecosystems. More specifically, he delves into how these discoveries can be applied in the cosmetics industry, thus offering new perspectives for more innovative and environmentally friendly beauty products.

This publication is particularly noteworthy as it illustrates the intersection between scientific research in marine biology and its practical applications in everyday life. It also demonstrates Coraliotech’s commitment to the pursuit of sustainable and ethical solutions, emphasizing the value of marine ecosystems not only for their biodiversity but also for their potential in the realm of beauty care.

The article resonates with Coraliotech’s mission to responsibly harness the natural wealth of the oceans and marks a significant step in bringing these innovations to the general public.