On November 30, 2022, Dr. Rachid Benchaouir, managing founder, had the honor of being invited to share his expertise in entrepreneurship with an audience of local and international students at the renowned International University of Monaco (IUM). This intervention provided an excellent opportunity for Rachid to share his personal experience, the story of the creation of Coraliotech, as well as the daily missions and core values of the company.

Coraliotech extends its gratitude to Dr. Thomas Papanikolaou for his crucial role in facilitating the connection with IUM, made possible through the MonacoTech ecosystem. Special thanks are also given to Professor Padmaja Argade, who offered the opportunity to present Coraliotech’s activities to the students. The presentation sparked highly enriching exchanges, covering both scientific and entrepreneurial aspects, highlighting Rachid’s passion and commitment to his work.

This meeting was an invaluable experience for the students, allowing them to closely understand the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship in the marine biotechnology sector, and emphasizing the importance of innovation and perseverance in pursuing ambitious projects.