The eureKARE Synbioday event, held in Monaco from October 13th to 14th, offered a fascinating glimpse into the use of synthetic biology to tackle oceanic and atmospheric challenges. The event shone a light on revolutionary innovations in the field of biotechnology, drawing attention to potential solutions for some of the most pressing environmental problems of our time.

Dr.Rachid Benchaouir, founder of Coraliotech, was a key speaker at this event. He presented the eco-responsible solutions developed by Coraliotech, demonstrating the company’s commitment to combining scientific progress with environmental respect. His presentation addressed how Coraliotech’s advancements in the exploitation of coral assets can significantly contribute to the protection and preservation of marine ecosystems.

The event was also marked by the presence of many important figures, including H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, highlighting the importance and relevance of these discussions in the current context of environmental awareness.

For the team at Coraliotech, participating in this prestigious scientific event in the Principality was a moment of pride and pleasure. It not only reinforced their position as leaders in the field of marine biotechnology but also provided an exceptional platform to share their innovations and vision with a wider audience.

This event was a significant milestone in the quest for sustainable solutions to environmental challenges, proving once again that science and technology can be powerful allies in protecting our planet.

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