A monegasque B2B marine biotech startup ensuring the preservation of natural ecosystems through the use of clean and sustainable technology. Coraliotech is associated with the Scientific Center of Monaco (CSM).

3-year vision: To deliver 3 to 5 new coral innovative products annually for the pharmaceutical, biotech and/or cosmetics markets, to diversify their customer portfolios and to generate €300,000 to €500,000 per year, essentially through product sales and licensing.

What is the company’s competitive advantage? Why will it be sustained? Through its ecological technology, Coraliotech enables the artificial reproduction of coral molecules. Coral organisms are still poorly studied and protected by international conventions, therefore they represent a niche market for the development of marine innovative products. Creating these molecules in an artificial context preserves the natural ecosystems and thus represents a very important added value.

Monaco’s reputation for research and the protection of natural marine environments has long been established through its world-renowned academic research laboratory (CSM), the Oceanographic Museum, and Prince Albert
II of Monaco Foundation. Coraliotech offers an economic and commercial activity based on products from the marine world manufactured using entirely ecological processes and therefore we see a continued benefit not only
of financial support, but also from strong structural support from stakeholders interested in establishing Monaco as an international hotspot in this innovative field of activity.

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