« A monegasque b2b marine biotech startup ensuring the preservation of natural ecosystems through the use of clean and sustainable technology. Coraliotech is associated with the Scientific Center of Monaco (CSM).

3-year vision : To deliver 3 to 5 new coral innovative products annually for the pharmaceutical, biotech and/or cosmetics markets, to diversify their customer portfolios and to generate €300,000 to €500,000 per year, essentially through product sales and licensing.

What is the company’s competitive advantage? Why will it be sustained ? Through its ecological technology, Coraliotech enables the artificial reproduction of coral molecules. Coral organisms are still poorly studied and protected by international conventions, therefore they represent a niche market for the development of marine innovative products. Creating these molecules in an artificial context preserves the natural ecosystems and thus represents a very important added value. »

Nancy Heslin, Forbes Monaco

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