In collaboration with the Monaco Scientific Center (CSM), Coraliotech participated in 2 scientific publications, which highlight its efficient and ecological production technology for the study of coral proteins.

« The article published this month provides an overview of one of the technologies used by CORALIOTECH to produce these molecules. Based on the baculovirus/insect cell pair, the process, known as BEVS (Baculovirus Expression Vector System), has the advantage of being able to easily scale up the production levels of the molecules to reach the quantities needed for various functional evaluations. CORALIOTECH’s acquisition of a bioreactor in December 2018 made it possible to reach precisely this objective (see CSM news of 19/12/18). The process, which is initiated by the choice of a specifically selected genetic sequence, ultimately allows the production of molecules with structures similar to natural molecules. »

« The book chapter deals with the use of this same technology for the production of a particular type of viral gene transfer vectors: those derived from Adeno-Associated Viruses (AAVs). A technology originally developed for the treatment of genetic diseases, but which could be perfectly used in Marine Biology for scientific studies, in particular to determine the precise functions of various coral genes that are still little or not known. »

To read the full article of the CSM (in French), click here.