“Biotech, a common challenge to serve our resources?” : Dr. Rachid Benchaouir, Associate Researcher at the Monaco Scientific Center (CSM) speaks as the founder and CEO of Coraliotech.

Rachid Benchaouir tells the story of the creation of Coraliotech:

“One of the Marine Biology teams at the Monaco Scientific Center came to me telling me that I might have a solution to one of their problems: producing marine proteins in large quantities. It turns out that in my field, gene therapy, we had developed a technology that allowed us to produce this type of molecule at significant levels. So I decided to collaborate with their team on these aspects. They gave me the genetic sequence of a molecule that coded for a coral protein, its bioproduction worked well but the surprise was the innovative character of this molecule, discovered by chance. This molecule acts in the biomineralization of coral, in the construction of coral reefs, but in the context of our bioproduction processes, we saw effects never before observed: an increase in the survival of protective cells. So we did a series of experiments that allowed us to identify various other innovative effects, which we ended up patenting, a patent owned by Coraliotech and the CSM.”

To read the full article (in French) on Nice Cote d’Azur website, click here and watch his speech (in French) below.